First Give Charity

Throughout the Spring Term and following the theme of ‘Respect’, the 6th form took part in the First Give programme. This involved the students identifying social issues in their area and engaging with local charities that address them.

Each Form group then had the opportunity to compete for a total of £1,500 of grant money, by advocating for their chosen charity in the school competition.
Through successive rounds, the students created innovative and engaging presentations to eventually reach the final, held on Wednesday 29th March. The Judges, comprising of Mr McKenna, Ms Zaraat and our Head Girl, Pragna Patel had to make a tough decision on which team deserved the donation to their charity. The host, Caroline Sargeant from First Give, summed up the quality and the passion put in to each presentation: “As a First Give Facilitator, I host many finals and see students’ presentations in schools across London. I was incredibly impressed with the Sixth form and their public speaking skills at Alperton Community School. The students projected their voices, articulating the social issues and their chosen charities with creativity and passion. If the First Give Final is anything to go by, then we can expect to see these young people take centre stage in our society and in the world of politics. What a combination; caring about social action, advocating powerfully for those in need with a call to action which cannot be ignored. Well done to the Sixth form and Alperton Community School – changing the world together!” -Caroline Sargeant

Although everyone who took part in the competition are considered to be winners in their own right, the judges awarded the grant money to the following teams:
1. £1000 Mary’s Meals – Form Group: K3 – BEL
2. £250 Brent Centre for Young People – Form Group: E1 – TCO
3. £250 St. Luke’s Hospice (Harrow) – Form Group: G1 – AKI
The winning team made up of Anojan, Nagad, Hodan, Ahmed, Janvi and other members of K3 put together and delivered a unique and passionate presentation, which demonstrated a detailed knowledge of the social issue and chosen charity. In addition, they were able to organise for a member of the charity to be a part of the presentation, which was greatly appreciated by all.
Well done to all the students and teachers for all their efforts. A great team effort.