Excellent presentation of the “Your Life You Choose” programme

On Wednesday, 18 April, our Year 7 students took part in the Your Life You Choose Programme, a multi-agency presentation intended to educate young people about crime and its consequences. The programme is a fantastic way to raise awareness of gangs and knife crime amongst young people and teach them how to protect themselves from it. The project is run by magistrates in North West London and it’s the fifth year our school has participated in this programme.

Throughout the day, students were rotated through a series of workshops with police officers, magistrates, prison officers, paramedics, inclusion officers and ex-offenders. They were taught about the dangers of carrying knives, how to keep themselves safe and away from crime, and the consequences that follow when making the wrong decisions.

The students were very engaged in the workshops, asking questions and showing interest in the subject.

“The presentation was very interesting and gave us a better understanding of the dangers of crime and how to keep ourselves safe. It made me think more about the choices I make in the future ” (Student, Year 7)

Our Headteacher, Mr. Gerard McKenna, commented: “The programme delivered a deep and powerful learning experience for our Year 7 students. Our vision is to provide a caring, supportive community where every child knows how to keep themselves safe. We believe it is extremely important that students are educated to make the right decisions in life, especially decisions which will keep them from harm and will keep them on track to become a successful adult, who will impact positively on their local community and society as a whole.”

The Project Coordinator of the YLYC, Alison Zilberkweit, was very pleased with the outcome of the event and enjoyed her experience at Alperton Community School.

Read more about the YLYC project from their website and from the Guardian.