Year 9 students win Curiosity Club Award

Congratulations to our Year 9 students who won the Curiosity Club Champion Award. The Curiosity Club takes place every Tuesday after school and is run by Mr Al-Araimy with support from the company Curiosity Learning.

The club gives freedom to our students to take part in individual challenges which stretch them beyond what encompasses the national curriculum. They are given a card with information about a particular time or event in history and asked to carry out a task which can involve making models, videos, complex designs or even computer animated video.  Students learn vast amounts in the process and discover that they have a lot more talent than they initially thought.

Our students worked hard on this and submitted their challenge which won an award.

We thank the following students for taking part: Dhairya Shah, Chandru Suresh, Priyangaa Magindan, Rina Hirani, Aquilla Bedneau, Imaan Mohammed, Armaan Mohammed, Himani Dharmendra, Avan Balu and Yusuf Jabbar.

Congratulations to them all. They have set the bar high for next year’s intake.