Best Ever GCSE Results at Alperton Community School

Once again, Alperton Community School has produced an excellent set of results at GCSE. This year we have seen a surge in our attainment score which has improved by over 3 points in spite of the increased challenge of the new GCSEs.

The results for the most able students were exceptional in the new more demanding GCSEs with a quarter of students achieving the top grades (9-7) in English and maths.  There were almost 100 grades at 9-7 in the sciences – biology, chemistry and physics. In total, ACS students achieved almost 400 grades at 9-7/A*-A.

ACS students achieved 50 Grade 9 results across the new 9-1 qualifications, putting us into the top 4% of results in the country.  Students achieved 12 Grade 9 results in English and 8 Grade 9 results in maths. Across the sciences, 14 students achieved the highest possible grade.

The progress students have made from their primary school is exceptional.  In the last few years, the school has achieved a huge increase in the percentage of students achieving grade 4 and above equivalent in English and maths. In 2018, 66% of students made better than expected progress in English and over 50% of students made better than expected progress in maths.

Muhammed Al-Diraa was very pleased with Grade 9 in English, maths, biology, chemistry, physics, geography, religious studies and French as well as A* in Arabic and further maths; he said “I am so pleased with my results.  It has been hard work and the teachers have helped me so much. I am one step closer to achieving my aspirations”.

Jubaydah Uddin was very pleased with three Grade 9s, four Grade 8s and an A grade in further maths.  She said “I have worked hard, but the teachers at Alperton really care about you and help you to get the best results”.

Dinushan Raveendran made exceptional progress since arriving at the school.  He achieved five Grade 9s, four Grade 8s and an A* distinction in further maths, “I would like to thank my teachers – they have helped me achieve so much since I arrived at Alperton.  I am looking forward to studying for my A Levels in the Sixth Form

Gerard McKenna, Headteacher, said “once again, our students have performed exceptionally well at GCSE.  I believe we achieved excellent outcomes because we aspire to provide every student with an outstanding education within a supportive, vibrant and stimulating learning environment.  We have established a strong track record of enabling every student to reach their full academic and personal potential. I am sure that our results will improve again next year now that our new school building is fully operational, providing our students with the best possible facilities and resources”.