An engaging and fun Extended Learning Day at Alperton

On Thursday 11 October our students took part in a very engaging and fun Extended Learning Day with a wide range of activities on show.

Year 7 undertook the ‘Soap Box challenge’ where they had to design, manufacture and market a soap product. They thoroughly enjoyed the day and their final prototypes were amazing! The activities enabled them to enhance their communication, organisation and teamwork skills, which are invaluable skills within the school environment.

Our Year 8 were engrossed in an environmental challenge, engaging in ECO warrior activities on site and a walk to local area to litter tally.

Our Year 9 developed their Life Skills through a carousel of activities, which included boxing sessions, tent making with the PE department, a talk about personal hygiene from Mr Slade for the boys and a talk about domestic violence from the Women and Girls Network for the girls.

Our year 10 students took part in the Stock Market Challenge, whilst our Year 11 students were learning about revision strategies. Our Sixth Form underwent safeguarding training and began preparing their UCAS applications.

All students showed a lot of enthusiasm throughout the day and it was nice to see how engaged they were in learning new skills. Many thanks to all staff, particularly to Ms Edwards for organising such a successful day.