The MFL department is very pleased to have conducted another successful trip to Valencia for the sixth consecutive year. Twenty-seven Alperton students from Year 7 to Year 10 have had the unique opportunity to travel abroad and enjoy 5 memorable days learning about the Spanish language and culture.

During the trip, the students took part in a number of adventurous activities including kayaking, swimming, tree climbing, and a fun splashing competition. The time spent in Valencia has helped the students develop their independence, confidence and their interest to learn more about Spanish culture.

The behaviour of the students was exemplary throughout their stay and was praised by all staff who worked with them at the centre. Most impressive was the way they supported and encouraged each other, especially during activities that some of them found challenging.

Once again this would not have been possible without the effort of the MFL team. Many thanks for their commitment and hard work in organising this amazing trip for our students. Looking forward to another great adventure next year.